Arthur (artoriuscastus) wrote in mabinogi,


Arthur strode from the great hall, his papers and journal under his arm.

He was glad to have spoke to the others- getting more than one account was helpful- especially when the one account he had heard was overwhelmed by his guilt and sorrow that he hadn't been there, like he should have been.

No more scouting missions, Lancelot. You will be at my side, where you belong. My trusted second...and where I can back you up.

He took his papers back to his rooms, and removed his practice armor, subsituting a leather long vest over his tunic for it. He kept Excalibur at his side - it would feel too strange without it's customary weight there.

He was dreading finding Lancelot - in a way that he knew he would want to coddle the other man, who most definitely would not like that behavior - but he knew also he wouldn't be able to stay away for long. He didn't trust too many others to take care of him, and he also knew that Lancelot would cajole and wheedle his way into getting what he wanted.

Thus he wasn't overly shocked to not find the knight in his rooms.

"Blast," he muttered, and thought. Tavern? He would probably want to be somewhere around others.

Walking there, he kept his mood calm when, after sticking his head in the door, he didn't find the aforementioned knight.

"Where would he be?" he said outloud, and made his way to the large outdoor area, toward the practice arena and the stables.
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