Arthur (artoriuscastus) wrote in mabinogi,


Arthur walked himself and Lancelot out of the tavern and into the daylight of the garrison proper.

People were scurrying about, and many of them rushed to him to ask questions or report information. He took each one seriously, but after about the fifth person he had to waive them off, saying, "I need to get my comrade here to bed. I will speak with you all before the day is up - you have my word."

He could feel that the other man was leaning on him more than he would have liked, and cocked an eyebrow, looking at Lancelot's side, which his hand kept hovering around.

"I can throw you over my shoulder if you'd like," he joked, then straightened his face again. "You need to be in bed. I'm sorry - I shouldn't have made you walk."
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