Arthur (artoriuscastus) wrote in mabinogi,

Calling all knights

Arthur spread out his journal, reading over the previous entries.

Battle plans, tactics, events that had occured. He hadn't had the heart to log the things that had happened to Lancelot.

But now was the time, and so he dutifully recorded everything that had occured, in as much detail as he could....since he hadn't been there.

Of course.

He also logged the details of what the Woad prisoner had told him, about the small attacks, which had grown larger as time went on. He also added the fact that the Woads believed the local sect of Druids to be the ones responsible.

He pulled out the map of the local villages, crude as it was, and began marking it, where things had happened, and where he and Ian had found Lancelot.

Cut, bleeding, and defiled.

He shook his head to bring his thoughts back to the present.

He knew he was going to have to return there, and speak with the villagers himself.

He continued to plan, waiting for the others to make their appearances.
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