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....and a new mission begins

Arthur strode from the knights quarters area, breathing heavily, and not very happy.

He practically ran to the stables, some of his anger wearing off in his hurry.

He will be fine...don't worry about it. Lancelot isn't stupid...but he's willful. Damn it. He'd better take care of himself - or there will be a problem.

"Arthur," Dagonet called from the paddock. His mount and Arthur's were ready, saddled, and set up with supplies. Thank God for Dagonet, Arthur mused, otherwise a lot of things 'round the Garrison would never get done.

"Dagonet," Arthur answered, waving his hand. "Are we set?"

"I believe so," the knight answered, "but Gawain should be here soon. Everything is ready; Jols was up early this morning."

Arthur nodded, pleased. Jols was a gem of a squire. He would be sorely missed if anything ever happened to him.

"I have the maps of the area, and all the information Lancelot could give me," Arthur told Dagonet, trying to keep his voice even at the mention of the things that had happened to Lancelot.

"This is reconaissance only, Dagonet. Do not move against anyone without my say so."

The bald knight nodded, and lead his horse to the yard, Arthur following suit.

They checked over their supplies, Dagonet quiet as always, Arthur trying not to think of Lancelot, alone, and impatient.
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